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No Fwd: Tee's New T-Shirt:  No Forwards!

We all get them, those noxious (and obnoxious) forwards.  The platitudes, the schmaltz, the misinformation -- the horror!  My favorite lately was the one about how Mister Rogers was a Navy SEAL and he wore those long-sleeved sweaters because his arms were covered with tattoos.  (A tatted-out Mister Rogers?  Say it isn't so.  Well, it isn't according to Do people who vex others bother to look at what they’re sending before clicking that ”Forward...” button?

So our response at is our famous "No Fwd:" T-shirt.  Let everyone you know think twice before sending you one of those dreaded forwards.  You know you want one (and everyone else will know just where you stand on this pesky issue).

Be a trendsetter.  Be the first on your block to wear your very own "No Fwd:" T-shirt!

Visit’s StoryStore for more information.

Let’s have some fun; share your own email forwards stories below...


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