The First Day of Summer?

The first day of summer was actually three weeks ago, but for we SoCal folk, who are accustomed to the blast furnace called July kicking into gear pre-4th, this summer so far has been anything but: Until yesterday. The heat is now on.

Not that I've minded the cool weather. Not at all. It's just that last night was the first night I've been able to sit outside without a sweater or jacket. The air was almost neutral. Not warm, not cold. Perfect. If we could only bottle that perfection. But the summer days have to be hot in order to enjoy those perfect nights.

So what to do on our first perfect summer night? After our patio dinner, after Charlie's nightly mile run around the track, I braved my way up onto Charlie's fort carrying a tiny pin light, clutching a pillow. I wanted to look at the stars. The Big Dipper was especially bright.

Lying flat on the newly-carpeted (but thin) fort floor with a pillow, I quickly discovered the floor is still way too flat to recline easily (I mean comfortably without a killer air mattress. I'll put that on the shopping list.) And the roof gets in the way of stargazing. Charlie did find a perfect web with a tiny garden spider in the middle, hanging ever so loosely from the support beams on the side of his fort. To think these industrious little spiders reweave their webs every night. It was necessary to bring Husband out from his couch reclining to witness this little transitory miracle.

Because of the fort being less than optimal for stargazing, I relocated to the hammock. A perfect evening. The more I gazed up at the sky, the more stars I'd see. (Our light pollution makes astronomy a challenge around here, but still, I can't help but feel how insignificant we are in relation to the cosmos.)

Charlie found his handmade marshmallow skewer (artfully formed out of a wire hanger) and a glop of mini marshmallows that had fused together in the bag. Carefully he roasted this mass over the kitchen stove. THEN talked me into making cookies. But why not? It's summer, after all. Making homemade chocolate chip, oatmeal and banana cookies at 10:30 at night is perfectly reasonable, isn't it?

This is kind of our mid-summer status so far. What can we check off our Summer resolutions list?

1. One trip to the Natural History Museum. Most impressive item -- the skeleton of a fin whale. Large.

2. Went to Pirate's Cove where Charlie and George caught three tiny fish and two crabs, placed them in a little container, then set them free to go on their fishy way.

3. We've been eating more meals (lunches included) outdoors.

4. Will most certainly go to the Mission Tiki Drive-In, if not tonight, then soon.

5. One water pistol fight at the park. (Don't think this was on the list, but it should be.)

6. Trips to two (2) local historical society/museums. Not on the list either, but we don't always need to live by lists, do we?

While this summer has come a little late, our summer attitude has not. It's ridiculous how fast we fall into summer mode around here. That said, I think I'll go take a nap.


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