Prospect of middle school.

Am constantly freaking out over the prospect of middle school and am (probably) driving Husband, family members and patient neighbors a little crazy with my angst. Recently found out that Charlie's elementary school is adding sixth grade next year, so we've bought ourselves a little time, but am bracing myself for what comes next. Now, we have a middle school at the end of the street. It's so close, you could throw a rock at it (not that I would). It's huge -- it used to be a high school. So the size worries me. Another thing that gets to me is watching the kids walk home from school. Oy! The mouths on them. Dropping F-bombs right in front of adults. They look so rough. Now, my junior high was no picnic, and I had quite the potty mouth, but I was much more jaded than my son is at his age.

Little Charlie is smart and sensitive, a study in contrasts. While he would be comfortable giving a lecture on astronomy, physics or biology, he still carries with him his two little stuffed guys. He's made them Halloween costumes in the past, takes them to the movies, etc. He has an unbearable lightness about him and abhors injustice.

Do I turn him loose in an environment that is most certainly more socially advanced or find a place where he can be sheltered a bit? This is my dilemma. Husband says I want a fantasy school. Oh, how true! There are fantasy schools out there, I've heard of them, just not where we live. And even if one of these fantasy schools were nearby, we'd have no way to pay to send him there (short of charging the whole amount on credit cards and trying not to look at the statements).

My neighbor's daughter is happy going to said middle school, and assures me that the kids tend to stay in their cliques. She's in the band and honors classes. Loves the band. Now, what instrument shall we have him play?

I could go on, but will stop so as to spare anyone still reading.

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