My '80s Mix Tape Revisited & I'm So Easily Entertained

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My '80s Mix Tape Revisited...

The past few days have been hard; my sisters, mom and I have been really worried about my brother. Yesterday, great news -- he's on the mend. So much relief. So last night, out of the blue, my neighbor Eric (plant lover and dog wizard hat provider) came over and placed into my hands my '80s mix tape as wished for on this very blog. Big props to Eric.

Even though the late news was on and I had to work the next day, I put it on. As soon as I heard "One Step Beyond" by Madness, I was transported back over 20 years. I thought of the movie "Valley Girl," mods on Vespas, girls with geometric hair, and my own questionable fashion choices.

I'm beginning to wonder about the power of this blog. What should I wish for next? A winning lottery ticket? World peace? How about more wonderful people finding and sharing it with their friends?

All I know is at my next party, I'm playing my '80s mix tape and you're all invited. Just park your Vespas in the front.


I'm So Easily Entertained...

The other day, an interesting person out there found using this search query: "How to Make an Elephant Trunk for a Dog." Well, as you all can imagine, this sent me over the moon. I am very easily amused and entertained.

Whoever you are out there, to the person who performed said search, I implore you, please send us a picture of your dog with elephant trunk attached (and we'll post it on

What in the world could be better than an elephadog? (Or would that be a dogephant?)


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