The Dog Who Looks Up

As I type this, Chance the dog is barking incessantly. As much as I implore him to come in, he refuses, holding his ground. The object of his ire? A blue balloon floating, disconnected, stuck in the neighbor's tree. Now, what he thinks this is, I have no idea. One can only imagine what goes on in the mind of Dog.

Chance is the only dog I've ever known that looks up. He barks at the contrails left behind by jet planes. He barks when he sees skyrockets on the 4th. (We have quite a few, um, store-bought -- but not from any stores around here -- fireworks in the neighborhood, so there's a big local show for the 4th each year.) When he saw skydivers diving from their plane for the city's 4th celebration, he went absolutely nuts. That must have been surreal for him -- flying people.

Dog thought process: I see the skyrocket, I bark, it disappears (thus giving Dog the rationalization needed to continue his work). Or there's this scenario: every day the mail carrier comes. I bark like crazy and he/she leaves. I must do this every day. If I don't, he/she may stay.

Sound logic? Well, it sounds good to me. Far be it from me to question the wisdom of Dog.

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