Convergence and a Celebration

Congratulations to Musa Publishing's contest winners..!
Normalish winner = T. Pittman. Kindle Fire winner = Catherine Lee.

These past few days, different aspects of my life have been converging. Friday night we celebrated with chocolate pies and good friends for my husband’s birthday. Saturday morning brought news of my niece’s pregnancy followed by a court reporters breakfast in which I learned all about how new technology and increasing demands will keep me more marketable. Goody.  In the afternoon and well into the evening, I worked furiously on my galley for Normalish. In the midst of it all, my tissue expanders have been making their presence known in a most uncomfortable way.


This morning, I watched my son as he served as an acolyte and felt myself well up at the sight of him, this tall young man twice the size of when he first began serving in church as a sweet little boy. (He’s still very sweet, just not so little.) At the conclusion of the service, as I contemplated the intricacies of the centuries-old Bach voluntary swelling from the century-old pipe organ, my mind drifted to the breast cancer survivors lunch I’m going to attend tomorrow--with extra Kleenex.
Everything is on the surface right now. Life seems extra full. It’s as if the universe is trying to tell me something. What? I’m not sure, but maybe one takeaway is that my first book’s release, while important to me, is not the most important thing in my life. As always, it’s the people I love--my family, my friends, those of you who have been there and continue to lift me up.
Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m not thrilled to be sitting here on the eve of publication. But sometimes it’s good to have a little perspective.

Normalish is available Friday, October 5th.
Available now for pre-sale.

This Friday, I will introduce Stacy York to the world, and there will be celebrations afterward. (Hopefully involving gin.)
Thank you to everyone, but a special thank you to the man I love who’s taken care of me and who is my right hand for all things creative. He is the genius who remains by my side, always there for me.
Thank you to everyone. And do visit the rest of the blogs. You can win stuff there too. (Hurray!)
Welcome to Normalish!

[If you post a comment here, you’ll be automatically entered to win a free copy of Normalish. Your comment will also enter you into the grand prize drawing for a Kindle Fire. Awesome coolness.] The contest is now closed. Congratulations to our winners… Normalish winner = T. Pittman. Kindle Fire winner = Catherine Lee.

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