Gravity: Friend or Foe?

Too much on my to-do list kept me up last night. Instead of sleeping, I kept running through the list like a hamster on a wheel. As a consequence, gravity has not been kind. I examine my face, looking for the right angle of attack for makeup application.

This week has been something. It was "fun" this morning when I arrived downtown for my deposition, only to find that the location was, in reality, in a different city. Back into the car to battle traffic. It was "fun" trying to deal with counsel's logistically impossible exhibit demands.

Too much to do this week. Chance the dog is looking a bit shaggy; cavedog-like. Living proof that we've had too much to do. He's overdue for a bath and a brush-out but is very forgiving and more than happy to postpone his bath.

While gravity wasn't so kind to my face today, I did come home to a wonderful barbecued dinner prepared by 10 year-old Charlie, who went out and bought the ingredients, prepared it and cleaned the kitchen (um, I'm pretty sure Husband had a hand in it).

Life is good and gravity is what keeps us from spinning out of control (I just have to remind myself to do the same).