15 Strange Things I Saw in the Harriet Carter Catalog

First of all, we're way too cool for this catalog (or so I thought), yet it comes anyway. Hmm, maybe they know something we don't. Here are some strange things I saw (was going to do 10, but that's just not possible):

1. "Fanny Bank Makes Saving Money a Real Gas." Oh, I get it. A bank where you put the money in the crack. It has gas. Um, hilarity ensues.

2. "Toe flexers. For stronger, healthier feet." It's like stocks for your toes.

3. "Lord's Prayer afghan." Classy.

4. Book "How to Think Like a Horse." Um, okay.

5. "Vibrating Glove Massages Your Pet With Every Stroke." 'Nuff said.

6. "Heated Vest Brings Warmth to the Great Outdoors." For those of us who want really warm hands?

7. "Microwave Bacon Genie." A bacon caddy. For your microwave oven.

8. "Talking Tissue Box." Pull out a tissue and it lets loose with "Sneezes, wheezes and coughs!"

9. "Stop Embarrassing Toilet Odors" with "Just a Drop" odor neutralizer. (I'm going to get this for my brother in-law.)

10. Book "Unexplained Mysteries of World War II." Wait, aren't mysteries always unexplained?

11. "Holiday Dress-Up Dog." Okay, I've always said that we like dogs in hats. Before I saw this one. The Happy Thanksgiving dog is wearing a pilgrim's hat with a bone in his mouth. Ouch.

12. "You had me at BEER" t-shirt. Stop, stop. It's too hilarious. Oh, my side hurts now.

13. "Hannah Montana Singing Pen." Help me.

14. "Kinoki(TM) Cleansing Detox Pads." If you watch television at all, you've probably seen the commercials for these gnarly little pads. You put them on the bottom of your foot and the pad extracts all of your impurities through the sole of your foot. (I'm going to get this for my brother in-law.)

15. "Rolling Pants Trolley." For those of us who like to travel from room to room with our collection of pants. Oh, wait... Husband says he needs one.

Oh, the holiday fun...