Random Guest Blog Posts I’ve Written Lately


Life has been getting a bit more interesting. Starting in October, I’ll have four books coming out in four months, which is roughly a book a month. Sounds like a good idea; right? Okay, maybe not.

I’ve completed the first round of edits on my first book, Normalish, which means I have a second round of edits and then the galley review. Then I need to go through the same process with three more books, plus make sure I’m happy with the taglines and back-of-the jacket blurbs for each. So you could say I’m in a state of low-level panic nearly all of my waking hours.

As part of the promotion process, I’ve been writing guest posts for my publisher’s blogs and reviewers’ blogs while leaving the StoryRhyme blog fairly unattended, which is bad because a blog left to its own devices will have the tendency to get into trouble. (I just hope it doesn’t do anything too over-the-top.)

Here are some recent guest posts I’ve written.

The first is about being distracted by the Internet…

o Oooh, Shiny!

The second was a post I wrote with suggestions on what to do during the dog days of summer (which we’ve been having a lot of recently)…

o Ten Things to do During the Dog Days of Summer

And here’s one I wrote about finding inspiration when inspiration may be lacking. It’s not as boring as it sounds. I promise…

o Using Writing Prompts to Boost Creativity


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