Two Things I’m Getting For Christmas


My mom, mother-in-law and sisters have been informed now, so I can make this update without feeling their wrath of being the last to know; that they heard via social media. (I’m not too old to be sent to the corner.)

So that being taken care of, I am safe to talk about my reconstruction surgery. (They will rebuild me: The not-very-Bionic Woman.)


Last week, I met with my plastic surgeon for the latest in a series of saline fills I’ve been receiving every few weeks during my breast reconstruction process. Lefty aka “The Troublemaker” has not been cooperating, which is something my plastic surgeon warned me about initially. Because of the previous radiation, the scar tissue on the inside is such that the saline injected into the tissue expander is not quite going where my doctor (or I) would like it to. As I’ve mentioned before, strange things are going on in my chest region.

So my doctor proposed we stop the injections—which I’m totally in agreement with—and schedule surgery. This was a surprise since at my last appointment we discussed surgery in the new year, somewhere in January or February. Anxious to get these uncomfortable tissue expanders out, though, I found myself committing to a surgery date before I’d really had the time to process everything. My mouth said yes; my brain was all fuzzy. The reconstruction is now scheduled for the Monday after Thanksgiving. Right in the middle of the holidays. Yay.

Here's a diagram of the procedure...


...So if everybody could just lower their expectations of me this holiday season, that would be super!

Okay, I’m kidding, sort of. My recovery this time is estimated at four weeks, so I will be going off work again. It’s a shorter recovery than the first surgery. When I began this whole process, my doctor breezed over the follow-up reconstruction surgery, describing it as an outpatient procedure with not much pain involved. For some reason, when I brought up the recovery this time, looking for reassurance that this procedure would still be no biggie—right, Doc?—she didn’t seem as confident as she did before. Somehow I didn’t get the same light and breezy feeling that this would be a walk in the park.

But maybe it’s just me reading in. Hopefully it’s me reading in.

I plan to keep working, taking the short depositions that I’ve been taking since returning back to work last month. My galley review for Finding A Man For Sylvia, which releases November 23, will be complete and the book released before my surgery, but because of timing issues, my editor and I have decided to put off the release of my two middle grade books until Spring of 2013.

To those of you who’ve very graciously offered to donate some of your extra, um, stuffing to me: Thank you. That is very kind. Women really are great when we’re supporting each other. Just imagine what the world would be like if we were in charge of things? A lot more drinking and chocolate, less fighting, I’m thinking.


So I’ll have two shiny new things for Christmas. Small, compact. Aerodynamic—boobies.

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