StoryRhyme After Dark: The Eyes of Bette Davis

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The Eyes of Bette Davis
By Harry Buschman


Some people say they’ve seen them, others say it’s just one of those Warner Brothers gas bag superstitions. Legends that can’t be proved, like the Virgin of Yugoslavia, or the Shroud of Turin. Yes, the power of suggestion can do strange things, especially to people in the movies.

But the eyes of Bette Davis! I mean, really – let the poor woman go. Let her rest in peace.

I should explain – there is a legend that somewhere on that vast back lot of Warner Brothers in the moldy old storage sheds where they keep the dusty props from old Bette Davis movies, her eyes can be seen glowing from time to time. Don’t laugh! That’s what they say, not me. Some people even say Herman Finster, her embalmer, a rabid fan, (and believe me, there’s no other way to describe a Bette Davis fan) removed her eyes and buried them somewhere on the back lot of Warner Brothers studios. He admitted this from his cell in the Crystal Springs Mental Institution many years later.

But there’s always the possibility, right? Miracles do occur now and then and I must confess I have walked those back lots at Warner Brothers at night with a fair degree of trepidation. You see, I was a rabid Bette Davis fan too, and it doesn’t take much to set me off.

Have I seen the eyes of Bette Davis? Well... Yes and no. There are rodents back there – stray dogs and such. Occasionally homeless people find their way in there when the weather turns sharp in January.

So just to make sure, I always quote her favorite quip loud enough to be sure she hears me...

"My Name Will Never Be Below the Title."

If one of those eyes winks I’ll know she's here ...and listening.

(c) 2012/13 Harry Buschman
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