Behind the Story: Hiccup the Burping Dog Also Looks Up

I've written posts before about Chance the Dog; about how he burps and shares, and about how he's the only dog I've ever known who looks up and notices things going on in the sky. (There are quite a few people out there who never seem to look up, but that is a different matter.)

Chance drops his ball to watch a passing helicopter.

A few days ago, Chance was doing some serious barking in the backyard. I thought maybe there were men working in the trees (the phone company), so I went out, only to find him, full of righteous indignation, barking at a jet that was leaving behind a very long contrail. The sky was bright blue, and the contrail was white and puffy, creating a perfect line down the middle of the sky. I came back in and wrote "Hiccup The Burping Dog Also Looks Up," a story that pays homage to Chance's other interesting quirk.

When I was finished with the story, I read it to him. He looked confused. (Everyone's a critic.) He then ran off with his ball, then had to stop to bark at a passing helicopter. Read my newest short story; you'll be at least 5 percent happier than you were before (and hopefully not confused like Chance).

Read the Original Story “Hiccup the Burping Dog Also Looks Up.”

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