Of Bridal Showers, School-Year's End & Job Preservation

Of Bridal Showers

Yesterday I hosted a bridal shower for my friend Melinda.  I didn't know any of the friends on her list and learned that, contrary to the advice given by my friends on Facebook when solicited to give opinions about how many bottles of wine to buy (mass quantities according to all of them), Melinda's crowd turned out to be fairly calm and mostly non-alcoholic beverage drinkers.  

This was completely different than the last bridal shower of a girlhood friend.  That one was held at a fancy country club in the main ballroom with a large mix of family, work friends and old friends.  I sat in the old friend section and inwardly cringed as our group (not me) spilled drinks and got a little too loud.  Melinda's, in contrast, was a quiet affair where we sat around laughing and talking and wished Melinda all of our very best wishes as she prepares to embark on her new life.

One of the activities was that we'd each write advice, suggestions or even a love quote on an index card to be put in a little box and saved to be re-read as a memento.  Since everyone had been divorced except for one other friend and me, the ladies were a bit reluctant to give any advice, but at my persistent urging, we soon filled the box.  

The funniest entries were from Husband (I pre-loaded the box with a few entries). His first card read, "Leave him alone."  The next card then read, "Really. Leave him alone."  Luckily, Melinda saw the humor that was intended. Sometimes the simplest advice really is the best.

I can honestly say (happily) that I like her husband-to-be.  Dave's a great guy; couldn't be nicer.  They'll have a good life together.

School-Year's End Happenings

June has proven to be a busy month.  Charlie's had a great school year, which comes to a close at the end of this week.  He already has two ASB activities this week, a fundraiser and a barbecue/picnic welcoming the new officers and saying goodbye to the old.  He should have a great year (but busy) as an ASB officer next year. (What have we gotten ourselves into?)

I once again have a backlog of transcripts to work on (which is good for those persistent monthly bills), have a trip out of town the end of June, then the big wedding first weekend of July. (What have I gotten myself into?)

Job Preservation

Well, it’s important to me... In the midst of all of the goings-on, I (and thousands of other California court reporters) have been faxing letters to our governor and assembly persons as our governor, in his infinite wisdom, had the bright idea of phasing out all court reporters in our courts and replacing them with digital recording.  

This would bring our judicial system to a grinding halt, cause general chaos, in addition to costing the state millions of dollars in new equipment purchases plus the salaries of the operators who would oversee the taping process.  Such a bad idea, one wonders who's gotten ahold of him to put these ideas in his head or if he's come up with this all by himself.

Last Tuesday, we won our fight against electronic recording.  Tomorrow it's the hearing on whether our licensing board will remain intact.  (The Court Reporters Board is fully funded by our annual dues and costs the State of California a whopping $6,000 a year to operate.)  Good times.


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