A Must-Have Dragon For Everyone. The Marriage of Melinda.

Okay, this is one the coolest things we've ever come across on the internet. Husband found this great activity while looking for something to go with "Jabberwocky" in our Rhymes & Chimes section. Go find it and click on the link, download the little guy and place it on a shelf or somewhere high. His head and eyes follow you around the room. And if you shut one eye, the dragon actually appears to be convex. It is very, very, very cool.

On the base the little dragon's sitting on you'll find the enigmatic words "Gathering for Gardner 3." The following quote appears on the actual dragon diagram sheet: "This desk top creature was inspired by the work of Jerry Andrus to celebrate Gathering for Gardner 3. Thank you Martin for sharing your mind with all of us."

Oh, okay. That explains it all; right? No? Okay. So we looked up Martin Gardner and found out that he is, "... a popular American mathematics and science writer specializing in recreational mathematics." The Gathering 4 Gardner Foundation is a nonprofit group that "... works to honor the achievements of Martin Gardner."

Now, you might ask what recreational mathematics is (like me), but those of you who are really keen about math will know that recreational mathematics is the "fun" side of math. Puzzles, optical illusions, and so on.

We then looked up Jerry Andrus and found out that he was a "... visionary magician, skeptic, and created illusions and special effects."

Side note: These two men seem really interesting and are probably worth learning more about.

We all should have room in our lives for a whimsical dragon, shouldn't we?


Melinda's getting married! Melinda's getting married! Melinda's getting married! By the way, did I mention, Melinda's getting married?

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