Everything You Wanted to Know About Leif Ericcson Day But Were Afraid to Ask

[Note: According to Wikipedia, there actually is a Leif Ericcson (or “Erikson&rdquoWinking Day; an American invention. The actual observance of Leif and his accomplishments falls on October 9th. After being authorized and requested by Congress, Lyndon Johnson became the first President to issue a proclamation declaring October 9th as the day to celebrate Leif Ericcson, those of Nordic descent, and the spirit of discovery. Who knew? Well, now we all do. StoryRhyme.com, your source for all sorts of interesting facts and tidbits. Tune in next week as we celebrate the accomplishments of Millard Fillmore.]

What retailers have dubbed Black Friday, that day-after-Thanksgiving shopper's dream/nightmare, Charlie has proclaimed to be Leif Ericcson Day. This is his way of honoring the often-forgotten explorer. Charlie thinks he's gotten the shaft and can't understand why Columbus (boo, hiss) has gotten all the glory. Well, history is often simply what gets written down (by the prevailing side); or a matter of perspective. (Kind of like truth is what we get others to believe).

How does one celebrate Leif Ericcson day? First, you take your motorcycle/crash/many-other-uses helmet and affix large paper horns and a paper beard. You can also make your own Viking ax (out of paper). Make signs to decorate. (You know, Viking stuff.) Then you and your friends can take turns wrestling the dog while watching old episodes of "Beakman's World" on VHS. (Remember VCRs?) Throw in some wooden swords and shields with a few dragons and you're good to go.

Oh, and don't forget the snacks.

Me: So what do Vikings eat?

Charlie: Pretty much whatever they want.

Sounds good to me.

Happy Leif Ericcson Day!