"Unnecessary" Quotations

A while back when I was spending time on a court reporting board, I found a website whose link was provided by one of my colleagues. (Court reporters are a pretty fun group. One of the things we like best is sharing details of verbal faux pas and examples of egregious grammar found out and about on company signs, billboards, etc.)

While my punctuation probably isn't what it used to be, and I may not be able to diagram sentences as I once could, my pet punctuation peeve is unnecessary apostrophes; specifically, the use of an apostrophe when a word is simply in its plural form. An example that I've seen over and over is doormats. You go to a friend's house, say, the Smiths. Instead of simply stating the plural "Smiths" on the mat, it reads "Smith's." This begs the question, does one person live here? Why an apostrophe at all? This drives me crazy.

The website that we reporters were so taken with is the "'Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks." First, this is a great title. It reminds me of the character that Chris Farley used to play on Saturday Night Live who would go around air quoting everything. (Does anyone remember him? I forget the character's name.)

Anyway, this is a funny, funny site. It's mostly pictures that have been taken and posted. It's quick and very entertaining.


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