How Do We Love Our Neighbor If We Don't Even Like Them?

Note: This post is NOT about my neighbors who are generally pretty likeable...

This rant comes as a result of a mean, spiteful act committed by bad neighbors of friends. These friends are good neighbors, keep up their house, are generally kind, and fly under the radar. Their neighbors a couple houses up are odd and for some reason seem to enjoy causing problems for all those around them. Last week they did something pretty mean and spiteful to my friends (totally unprovoked) and who knows why. Because of some perceived slight on the part of my friends? Just general meanness or paranoia? It's said there are two sides to every story, but that's not always the case. Sometimes one of the sides really does just prefer to wallow in their own crapulence.

When I've thought about the ideal "Love thy neighbor," first I wondered does that mean literally your geographically-bound neighbor, or neighbor in the broadest possible sense meaning human neighbor? My interpretation is that it's meant to mean both. And if in the broadest sense of the word "neighbor" we were all able to follow this ideal and react with love instead of hate or just plain rudeness, wouldn't the world be a utopic place? Surely wars would cease if we were to just be excellent to each other, as Bill and Ted would say.

Sometimes it's hard to love everyone. My goal, borrowed from the Hippocratic Oath, is to first, do no harm. Let's try to make a conscious effort to at least not harm others. It takes a little self control sometimes, but it's definitely doable (and the internet is a good place to start).


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