Living in my Head; The last Week of Vacation

The last few days, I've been living in my head entirely too much, worrying about my ill brother a thousand miles away; also thinking about my mom and sister Mary caring for him. Mom says I worry too much, which is true. Worry is such an unproductive use of energy, but there's an element of guilt there too. How can one blissfully go about their lives when they have loved ones suffering? The great thing about kids (and pets maybe to a lesser degree) is they force us to move forward, propelling us out of bed, out into the world.

This week was Charlie's last week of vacation, also jury duty week for me. In L.A. County, we have a call-in system where we call in each night to see if they need us. Since I wasn't needed, this is how we spent our week:

Monday: A trip to the Griffith Observatory. Total rookie mistake here. The observatory is closed on Mondays (like most museums).

What we saw there anyway:

A coyote in the brush below, which we watched for a very long time. (How often does one see a coyote in the middle of the city?)

A couple fighting. Overheard: "You've ruined my workout." Oh, the horror.

The great view of the city, and then a drive through the Hollywood hills where we unexpectedly found the neighborhood Hollywoodland (of the original sign; the residential development that became Hollywood).

On the freeway home we watched a police cruiser use its very large front bumper to push a brand-new couch, complete with plastic covering, off the 10 freeway over to the side of the road. An only-in-L.A. moment?

Tuesday: A trip to Ikea (our version of Disneyland, only better; we don't have to pay for admission or parking.) After having dinner in the cafeteria, Charlie set out on his quest to sit on every couch, spin on every chair, and lie upon every bed. He burned off his meal in about five minutes.

Finds on this trip:

10-pack of AA batteries: $2.99
Two very cool green mugs: $.59 apiece!
Felt chair pads (to protect our wood floors): $1.99
Set of kitchen knives (in wood block): $3.99. (They're sharp too!)
Set of three rolls of multi-purpose gift wrap: $1.99. (Ikea has great paper goods at silly prices.)

Wednesday: Charlie and Husband go off to the hardware store for fort supplies and then commence work on Charlie's much-anticipated backyard fort. (There will be further posts on this.)

Thursday: More fort construction and trip to orthodontist for adjustment to braces.

Friday: The cap to this last week of vacation, a trip to the 180,000 square foot Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, a Disneyland for the camo-wearing set. This is truly an amazing place; indoor flowing rivers complete with brown trout, over 3,500 area antiques and artifacts and 400 trophy fish and wildlife mounts, etc., etc... Charlie's find was a fishing lure mystery insect (to go with his collection); oh, wait, Husband’s not going to let me get away with that -- it’s a hand-tied “brown and grizzly hackle Adams dry fly” -- which apparently isn’t a fishing lure?

I'm not sure what next week will bring, but I'll try not to worry (too much).


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