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Mr. Katz is a Zombie

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Parent Guide

Mr. Katz is a Zombie Parent Guide
Age: 8 to 12
Grade Level: 3 to 6 Paranormal/Humor
No foul language (there is smelly language though)

More funny than scary, the adventures of J.D. and the Horn Boys aren’t spooky enough to keep young readers up at night, unless they’re determined to finish their book. The Goethalsburg Ghost Squad Series is designed to entertain, but the stories are not written at a low level. Your child may have to look a word up once in a while or ask you for the definition. The intent is to help spark the imagination of the reader, giving them the idea of exploring the world around them, and maybe picking up a hobby or two along the way.

J.D., the 12-year-old main character, is a young man of many interests: Geography, cartography, cryptozoology. He’s memorized the state capitals, as well as most of the Periodic Table of the Elements. He has a passport that is empty and really wants to fill it. He also happens to be able to communicate with ghosts--not a skill he wanted, but it comes in handy with his parents’ ghost-hunting business. (He really just wants to be a lawyer when he grows up.)

Best friend/sidekick Rodney, also 12, possesses exceptional yo-yo skills, is a fan of most foods, can ride a unicycle, has top-notch dance moves, and impresses the ladies without really trying.

Twins Ricky and Randy, age 10, are adept at many things. Unfortunately detention is one of them. But they rise to the challenge when called.

The four boys work together, sometimes at odds, but exhibit teamwork and problem-solving skills. Bicycles are their main form of transport. Sometimes they get hurt, but nothing too serious. Think: The Hardy Boys meets Ghostbusters, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what this series is about. Cornball humor that never takes itself too seriously.