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The World’s Largest Aquarium
Visit the World's Largest Aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium. See their web cams and visit their fish guide (though we don't think you'll find the rare Egg Carton Crab). From the story "Emily's trip to the Aquarium."

Take Care of Your Dust Bunnies
Learn the Care and Feeding of Dust Bunnies at, where else, Share the love. From the story "Dust Bunnies."

Paper Boats You Can Sail In
Learn about full-sized Real Paper Boats at "Ken's 19th Century paper technology page" that people used to sail and ride in. (No kidding!) Maybe not the best life rafts. From the story "Charlie's Rainy Day."

Amazing Art
Wander The Getty in Malibu, California. Home of Van Gogh's "Irises," and Monet's "Still Life with Flowers and Fruit," and a lot of other truly amazing stuff. From the story "Emily Visits the Art Museum."

Giant Animal Paintings
Visit Oudry's Painted Menagerie. See these wondrous paintings, listen to an audio overview and even play with the animals. From the story "Emily Visits the Art Museum."

Your Night Sky
Learn how to Identify Common Constellations in your night sky at From "Camping with Charlie."

Tell Good Bedtime Stories
There are key elements to telling a good bedtime (or any) story. The goal may be to help them sleep, but there are many other benefits to telling stories at bedtime... Learn how to Tell Good Bedtime Stories at Essortment. (It's a quick read.) From the story "Emily's Very Own Bedtime Story."

No More Messy Room..?
Well, how about a place where you can learn How To Organize Everything (even Charlie's room). Ah, Zen is finallly at hand. From the story " Charlie's Messy Room."

The Archive of Flexible Portion Controlled Condiment Packets
Organization to the extreme: Visit the Condiment Packet Gallery. The visual "archive of flexible portion controlled condiment packets." Searchable by type and category. (I give out condiment packs to the kids who aren't wearing costumes on Halloween.) From the story "Charlie's Messy Room."

The New York Lions..?
Visit one of the most famous libraries in the world; the New York Public Library. Browse their digital collections of audio and digital books, photographs and graphics, kids collections, and so much more. Oh, and find out just why those lions are so famous... From the story "Emily Visits the Library."

The Old English Sheepdog (you know you want one)
"Old English Sheepdogs greet everyone like a long-lost buddy..." Learn all about the Old English Sheepdog in this article at Old English Sheepdog Rescue of Southern California. From the story "Charlie and Ruby (the brave)."

Mythical Creatures
Visit the Mythic Creatures Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Play the "Mythic Creatures" matching game, download your own "Mythic Creatures" stationery and much more. From the story "The Book of Beasts."

Robot Zoo
How's this for a Zoological Garden: Tour the Robot Zoo, which reveals the biomechanics of giant robot animals to illustrate how real animals work, at the Tech Museum of Innovatioin. From the story "Uncle James, or the Purple Stranger."

Really Bad Jokes
Visit the Kid's Humor Library at #1 All Kids Humor (family safe fun). From the story "Really Bad Jokes."

The World’s Largest Hat Collection
Home of the Guinness World's Record World's Largest Hat Collection at the Tustumena Lodge in Kasilof, Alaska. From the story "Charlie's Hats."

What is the Jabberwock?
Okay, I think we can all agree that a Jabberwock is some sort of dragon; but what's a tove and when was the last time you gyred or gimbled? Learn All About Carroll's Poem "Jaberwocky" at, where else, From the story "Jabberwocky."

Pet Bunnies
Learn All About Pet Bunnies at For even more bunnyopedic knowledge, check out the House Rabbit Society. From the story "Kathy, The Bunny Queen." (I just noticed that there's a midnight movie on TV tonight... "Night of the Lepus" (1972), starring Stewart Whitman and Janet Leigh. Here's the synopsis: "A rancher tries to stop king-sized hopped-up carniverous rabbits as they roar through Arizona." Time to make the popcorn..!)

The World Burping Association
Oh, you just knew it was coming... Visit the World Burping Association and you too can "discover how fun and entertaining burping can be." Um, their words, not ours. The internet is an amazing place, isn't it..? From the story "Hiccup, the Burping Dog."

Ogden Nash Online

"If called by a panther, don't anther." Read more of Ogden Nash's poems and short stories at Ogden Nash Online. From the story "Quips & Quotes: Philosophy 103 for Kids."

What Lives in a Tree?
"What Lives in a Tree?" is an easy science project that lets kids discover a tree's smallest inhabitants (gee, mom's just going to love this one). When you shake a tree, you never know what will fall out in this easy kids' activity. From the story "Charlie and Ted the Space Guy."

Amazing Paper Hats
After you've perfected (or grown tired of) making the paper hats, check out a few of the artist Moses' Paper Hat Creations at Kira Od's "My Dad's Hats." From the story "Charlie's Hats."

Learn how to draw your own dragon! Find out all about Dragon Anatomy and Muscular Structure at the Fantasy Art Resource Project. From the Original Story "The Andrew Mason Illustrated Field Guide to Unknown Dragons."

Interactive Jewish Fun and Games
Head right over to for "interactive Jewish fun and games;" such as Tu B'shevat Hangman, Tic Tac Dreidel (2 player), their famous "fill in the blanks" Silly Chanukah Story, and so much more, so much more, oy... From Laura G.'s original story "Lighting the Chanukah Lights with Emily."

Clouds That Look Like Things
See the wonderful collection "Clouds that look like things!" at the Partnerships to Advance Learning in Science at Iowa State University of Science and Technology. I think my favorite is the sea lion blowing bubbles. What's yours? From the Original Story" Chance the Burping Dog Also Looks Up."

Flying Dogs!
Now, who doesn't love a flying dog? It looks as if Eli isn't the only winging wonder in town... Check out this Gallery of Soaring Barkers at From the Original Story "Eli the Flying Dog."

Sled Time
Visit the internet physics toy "Line Rider" where you draw one or more lines with your mouse on which a little boy on a sled can ride. The game includes simulated physics (i.e. gravity), which means the track must be sufficiently smooth to prevent the character from falling off the sled. From the Laura G. story/poem “Down Went the Spoon.”

Dragon Caves
Huanglong Dong, or King Dragon Cave, is is one of the two famous caves in Wulingyuan national park in Huana, China and home to many a dragon story. Visit Huaqing Yin's beautiful gallery of some of King Dragon Cave's most mysterious caverns. I'm pretty sure you can see a dragon peeking out from behind the two red-lit stalagmights. From Harry Buschman’s original story “Old Folks at Home.”

Dollar Bill Origami
In Japanese, the word “ori” means “to fold” and the word “kami” means “paper”. So, “origami” means “to fold paper.” See some amazing dollar bill origami at the Origami Resourse Center. Oh, while you're there, learn how to make a dollar bill elephant! From the Original Story "The Cursed Thing."

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