One Million Visitors And Counting

One Million Visitors And Counting

[Balloons descending, confetti falling, bottles uncorking, glasses clinking.] Sometime yesterday, our ten-thousandth visitor (okay, it's not a million) stopped by and may have come from New Delhi, India; Perth, Australia; Ontario, Canada; Telford, U.K., or various and sundry places all over the U.S. including Harpursville, New York; Bartlesville, Oklahoma (very nice little town); or Urbandale, Iowa; all who stopped by StoryRhyme yesterday.

Yes, 10,000 is a mere blip, a spec, in Internet terms, but since I'm always looking for something to celebrate and am easily entertained, I'm of course thrilled.  If just half of our guests has taken away something positive, the littlest spark, then it's all been worth it.  (And if you visit, it's an automatic good karma boost.)

We look forward to our next 10,000 visits.


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