Wishing Our Friend Harry Well

Our friend Harry. Armistice Day, 1919, New York City.

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We are so sorry to report that our good friend Harry Buschman has been involved in a serious auto accident. He needs prayers and good wishes. Any comments left here will be forwarded on to him.

I first “met” Harry when I found a story of his posted on a literature forum. “Old Folks at Home” was a charming tale about two elderly dragons well past their glory days, living a meager existence inside a cave. It was Harry’s take on the Don Quixote story. I thought it would be perfect to share on StoryRhyme, so I sent Harry a note asking if we might post it. Not only was he happy to share his work, but he began to send us more stories to share with the world. After a while, we created a library for his short pieces of fiction that so often entertain while imparting a bit of Harry’s considerable wisdom and insight into human nature.

His work has been published over the years in various anthologies as well as textbooks. You can read his short bio here.

We have been so grateful for Harry. Please help us in wishing our friend a speedy recovery!

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