Behind The Story: Two Many Dogs!

The inspiration for this tale (tail?) was our recent houseguest, my mother-in-law's diminutive dog Kai. First, let me say that Kai is the sweetest little dog (and not a real princess). We are her sworn guardians, so naturally, with her owner in the hospital, we brought her home to stay with us. Let me describe Kai. She looks like a cross between a Dachshund and a Chihuahua (Doxiewawa? Chiwoxin?), sounds like a squeak toy with a lisp and is about the size of a large squirrel (she looks much larger in the above picture). Our dog Chance, on the other hand, is 80 lbs. of slobbering draft horse. His heavy paws purposefully seek out our toes to step on and if left alone in a china shop, well...

While Kai was here, she never seemed to stop moving. The two played constantly. Although she would occasionally lie on her dog bed, I don't think she ever actually slept but instead just lay there vibrating. Kai wasn't happy at night, was afraid of the “woosh” of our heating system, and in the process, didn't seem to want us to sleep. I’m not sure that we slept much while she was here.

I was going to title this story "Big Dog and Little Dog" until Charlie, resident Captain Underpants scholar and expert, informed me that that was the title of a line of Dav Pilkey books. Well, live and learn.

So another doggy-inspired story to entertain you all. A couple of notes. My mother-in-law would never totter on high heels because she would never wear high heels, preferring sensible shoes of the rubber-soled variety. And Chance was so worn-out by our little visitor, he didn't even see her off but instead went straight to his food dish to tank up.

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