We've taken our commenting system off-line while we switch to new code (and trace down a gremlin which has been vexing our blog code for a long time). Give us about a week (Husband is lazy and gremlins are clever).

As a diversion, here are a few random comments from JC's Blog...

"What a waste to be bitter in old age. What does bitterness get you? Certainly not memories, and certainly not hope. I guess I need to keep that in mind as I walk through midlife."

"I have no problem with beets."

"Over the years I've begun to read the obituary pages with fascination. They reveal history that often goes unnoticed in our pop culture. It's nice to be able to appreciate these people, even posthumously, who live their lives so well,, and to be inspired by them."

"I can't figure out what "us Americans" means."

"Could you imagine a Sex and the City episode with Bettie Page in it, she could tell the girls a thing or two about being their own women or making an impression or even how a professional temptress thinks."

"As a teenager I hated my curls. I used to set my hair on giant rollers. Later on would blow dry it straight. Now I just wish I had hair."

"Each of us can do something, even if it's the littlest thing, to help. Some of us need a hand, others have a hand to lend. As long as there are people who care, though, we'll be okay."

"Went to the party, then finished decorating the damn tree."

"My mother-in-law called to tell me that she's planning on bringing this particular dish to our house for dinner because, "Everyone likes it." I'm already having visions of hiding it under my mashed potatoes."

"Hair. Yesterday, both my daughter and my friend tried to talk me into dyeing. When I told my friend that I like the gray, she looked at me as if I were so woman away from the asylum."

"I guess you're on your way to becoming a professional chick sexer."

"I have lived through so much violence and bigotry and hatred in my many years on this planet that I was almost afraid to hope or believe that things could change."

"No Apple or Moxie Crime Fighter for us."

"Anyone who makes ice cream as delicious as Heath Bar Crunch should automatically qualify as a goodwill ambassador."

"Weren't the folks on the Mayflower encouraged to leave England for being too boring?"


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