The Toxic Eye Roll...

A while back I was reading an article on interpersonal relationships (because we women do that), and I choked on my coffee... The psychologist who wrote the item suggested that the rolling of one's eyes is a hostile act; and that eye rolling can be a predicter of divorce. What..? I roll my eyes at least 50 times a day (jeez, I’m doing it now).

Over the time I've known my husband, I've rolled my eyes at him at least 5 million times. I was rolling my eyes in the womb, I'm sure. It's second nature to me; a skill that can't be taught. I roll my eyes when I hear something that I think is ridiculous or don't agree with but don't feel like: (a) Honoring with a response. (b) Just don't want to say something I'll regret later. Now, isn't that better than telling someone what I really think? Many times the object of the eye roll doesn't even know I'm doing it (or so I’ve convinced myself). It lets me vent my exasperation without causing any real damage. If I thought I'd actually offend someone, believe me, I wouldn't do it.

A predicter of divorce? News to me. I asked Husband what he thought about it. He said, "Oh, yeah. You roll your eyes all the time." So he's definitely aware of it. Does he think anything of it? No. Does he roll his eyes at me? You know, I'm sure he does, but I haven't even taken note of it. I'm not saying I ignore him, but when you live together, it doesn't pay to be hyper-sensitive to every little thing. Anyway, doesn't everybody do this?

Our son has inherited this trait (skill?) and rolls his eyes at me. I prefer this greatly to a smart-alecky remark or snappy comment (um, I think).

So my reply to the esteemed psychologist? What else? I roll my eyes.