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Fifteen-year-old Stacy York questions the strange world of high school, love, her role in a harsh universe, and life, in the novel Normalish...

High school blows.
Just ask freshman Stacy.
She’d want you to know.
But, she likes movies...

Stacy York’s Top Ten Teen Movies

Movies are my escape when life gets a little too real. (I watch a lot of them). Here are my top ten teen movies listed in random order:

1. The Breakfast Club, 1985, director John Hughes. Stereotypical teens are thrown together for Saturday detention. There’s a dumb jock, a snobby cheerleader, the goth girl outcast, etc. They don’t get along, then they do. Of course, this could never happen in real life — picturing myself being stuck in a room with horrible Vanessa all day — but I do like fantasy.

2. Gidget, 1959, with Sandra Dee and hottie James Darren. This is probably the corniest movie of all time. Gidget’s problems are so not serious, it’s funny. And the surfer dudes are the fakest ever. But this movie is fun to watch with your friends and laugh at how cheesy it is.

3. Pretty in Pink, 1986. Another John Hughes film. I liked this one, maybe because I feel like Andy sometimes (Molly Ringwald’s character). She doesn’t have any money and wears a lot of vintage (old) clothes. She’s very cool. My main complaint with this movie, though, is that she falls for the zero-dimensional rich guy (Andrew McCarthy) and not her cool BFF Duckie. In my version, Andy breaks up with the rich boy and ends up with Duckie five minutes later.

4. Easy A, 2010. Mainly I liked this for Emma Stone. She’s funny and sarcastic. This version of The Scarlet Letter is way better than reading the actual book. (Snooze). Fun movie, even though the teenagers all look like they’re 22.

5. Ten Things I Hate About You, 1999. This is a retelling of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. (Again, much better than having to read the original). My favorite thing about this movie is the title.

6. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, 1986. Another John Hughes film. To be honest, Ferris is kind of annoying. This movie follows him on the day he fakes being sick so he can miss school. He has all sorts of adventures. I really liked his best friend, mopey Cameron, and would probably date him (or someone like him). Fun soundtrack.

7. Rebel Without A Cause, 1955. This movie is funny because the “juvenile delinquent” James Dean really doesn’t seem that bad to me. Classic story of troubled teens and the adults who just don’t get them. James Dean is a stone hottie.


8. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, 2010. This falls into the teen movie category for me because of all of the awkwardness and teen crushes. Harry likes Cho, Ron likes Hermione, but Hermione’s with Viktor…sigh. The ball scene has special significance for me — it’s so very awkward.

9. Heathers, 1988. Regular smart girl Veronica hangs out with three girls, all named Heather. They’re popular, and they all suck. She meets a rebel. The Heathers begin to have “accidents.” It’s funny (dark comedy).

10. Juno, 2007. Quirky pregnant teenager story. I like this one because Ellen Page (Juno) and Michael Cera (Paulie) actually felt like real teens for once. The music totally rocks (in an acoustic sort of way).

Bonus Feature: The Outsiders, 1983. Great movie, almost as good as the book.

That was fun. Now I have to finish my book report on Marx for Beginners. Can you believe that? The Communist Manifesto in comic book form? Mr. Selden must think we’re Proletariat idiots.

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