Uncredible Sources

"Uncredible." Just one of the perks of having a blog -- the ability to make up your own words.

Every now and then (and it happens way too often for my taste) we receive an email (usually a forward) that claims to uphold some truth, expose corruption, injustice; whatever the cause. Some of them are get-rich-quick schemes and some oddly-banal school projects that require one to do something innocuous like affix their name to the end and type in another name to continue the chain...

Today I was sent an email that just seemed too good to be true. I checked it out and, sure enough, it was false.

So, here's my shout out to (aptly named after that most pernicious family of characters who appear throughout the works of William Faulkner) Snopes.com, those experts whose goal in life is the debunking of urban legends, scam emails and the like (which on occasion they prove to be true).

We're bombarded with media today (I know because I'm taking a mass media class and the book just told me that), and much of the information we get is wrong, false; urban mythology. Why people perpetuate false information is a mystery to me. Perhaps it's just to further their agenda or maybe they just like to stir the pot.

Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Give Snopes.com a try (and don't send unreliable emails or I'll write a blog post about you).


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