The Last Field Trip (Sigh)

Yesterday, I accompanied Charlie's class on his last elementary school field trip. Oh, right. A while back we learned that his elementary would not be offering 6th grade in the fall. Surprise! So it's off to the wilds of middle school for him. (Yes, panic, hysteria and all were experienced by me. But that's another story...)

We went to the county arboretum. It was a hastily-arranged last-minute trip designed really to get the kids out of the classroom and just let them experience the beauty of nature. And they learned a little bit about local history in the process.

The parents were given groups of ten kids to mind and not lose or break in any way, shape or form. Charlie's teacher stayed with my group. I'm thinking he sensed the fact that my navigation skills (nonexistent) were subpar. Good thing, too. One of the other group's leaders had her charges hiking in circles, none too sure of her surroundings. That would have been me. I probably would have handed the map to the kids and let them figure it out. Thankfully, though, that didn't happen.

I was happily surprised to learn that, contrary to my belief, the kids are still cute at this age. Well, the boys not so much, but the girls were great. They actually wanted to talk to me and I didn't have to pull teeth. Their personalities are really emerging. They were confident and empowered. The difference from last year's group: The first bathroom stop was not to use the facilities but to check their hair. The transformation begins. Some day when Charlie actually bothers to care what he looks like, I'll know it's happening for him.

Charlie's teacher hiked us up to the top, wanting to burn some of their boundless energy. I'm not a hiker (it's so unnatural for me), but the payoff view from the top made it worthwhile. Of course the kids marveled at it for all of about two seconds. My calves are still sore. I'm feeling a little less than fabulous today.

So it's a couple more weeks of school and then summer slacking. So here's to a fun summer (but no hiking).