Life is Random and You Can Too

Today's post title was written in the style of Stephen Colbert. Why? Just because...

Looking at the “Today's Top Searches” on Yahoo’s front page, I wonder at their apparent randomness. Today, for instance, Sarah Palin is the No. 1 search. No surprise there. As I look at the rest, I recognize the name of an actress (popular back when I was paying attention to such things), and names I don't recognize but find out (by Googling them) that one is Tiger Woods' wife, some town’s soon-to-be ex-mayor, and a sports guy or two. There's also a car, some must be critical-to-have Sony thingy, an infamous biker gang, and a virus (not a computer virus, but, you know, a real one). How random is that? If it weren't for Google, I wouldn't know anything about half these things or folk (except for Sarah, oh, and Christina Ricci).

So I decided to take a look at my own recent searches and found them to be surprisingly boring, mostly work-related searches: Prescription drug spellings, authors of asbestos studies, book reviews (I wanted to know what all the fuss was on Oprah about "A New Earth"), and song lyrics; you know, important stuff... Also: Cephelapod; Sauron and Lord of the Rings; orcs and Lord of the Rings; tankless water heaters; and the movie "Hellboy." So I guess my life is pretty random. How about yours? What are your last ten-or-so searches? I’m guessing that you’ll be surprised by their randomness.

Oh and if anyone out there wants to know the origin of orcs and the theory behind whether Sauron had an actual physical body and whether the eye was simply a "metaphysical reflection of Sauron's piercing will," let me know. For some reason, this was critical information for Charlie right now and I spend way too much time using Google.