Behind the Story: "Lighting The Chanukah Lights With Emily" is delighted to share our first outside submission, "Lighting The Chanukah Lights With Emily," by our friend Laura (a writer of the highest caliber and independent thinker) who writes her blog about this adventure we call life over at

When she's not writing, Laura finds herself in a classroom full of enthusiastic, well-groomed, and always polite high school freshman eagerly waiting for her to teach them the proper way to diagram a sentence. (Well, in her dreams maybe. In her dreams they also all turn in their homework and actually read "The Gift of the Magi" when she assigns it to them, and they don't have to Google it to figure out why Jim and Della's gifts to each other are ironic.)

Welcome to, Laura.

We hope you all enjoy this wonderful holiday story. Happy Chanukah!

Read Laura G.’s original story "Lighting The Chanukah Lights With Emily." Presented by, of course.