Every now-and-again we receive an advertising inquiry for and we've always turned them down. Either the advertiser isn't up to our standards (haughty of us, isn't it?), tries to impose impossible demands (we're lazy), or simply, something just "feels" wrong (okay, we’re just plain picky)...

The other day I mentioned out loud that we had just received another advertising inquiry, Husband snickered from the other room, then rumbled over to me and read the email from over my shoulder. We both felt that there was something familiar about this one. Husband rifled through browser bookmarks...

There it was. This was the only place that had the odd-sized burner covers for our old Frigidaire range. There was another link we’d saved for an nearly impossible-to-find little clip for our refrigerator. 'Turns out, we've made more that one visit to over the years.

What is  Why, it's a resource for all of your household appliance needs.  Do you need new burner covers for your range?  Control knobs?  Dryer parts?  Refrigerator water filters? has all of these items and more, for your specific brand of appliance, at discount prices and offers free repair help right on their website. If all that isn’t enough, they have a recipe for -- you won't believe this one, but it's true -- dishwasher lasagna.  This is something that we'll probably try one day and then invite everyone over for dinner to experience.  Here's the link: Dishwasher Lasagna Florentine.

We wrote them back, and found that they are lovely people to deal with. They provide a good service, at prices lower than you'll find elsewhere and well, you know, anybody that has a recipe for lasagna that you make in your dishwasher is our kind of folk.

So, has a new sponsor and one we're glad to endorse: The good folk at This makes us happy.

Oh, by the way, we’ve just named our StoryRhyme giraffe, you know, the giraffe up there in the left-hand corner, “Jane.”


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