Wanted: Raincoat and rainboots for a dachshund

Since this website is brand new and we're not finished putting it together yet (and when I say "we," I mean Husband) we've told very few people about it. We're waiting till it's ready before we alert the media and everyone we know. So the only way people are finding it is through Google searches.

While looking at the site stats a few days ago, Husband found that someone found us using the search parameter "raincoat, boots for dachshund." Now, this naturally delighted us and we had a big laugh. The search led them to my story "Charlie's Rainy Day," in which Charlie gets to try out his new-to-him raincoat and rainboots that just happen to be covered with dachshunds. A couple days later, same thing. Another query for "raincoat and boots for dachshund."

So I have a few questions:

1) Where can one find said raincoat and boots for a dachshund?

2) Does anyone have a great picture of a dachshund wearing the aforementioned garb?

- and -

3) Where do these dachshunds live? (I'm thinking Pacific Northwest maybe where it rains all the time.)

Now, we at StoryRhyme are fully in favor of clothes for animals, especially dogs, as long as they don't mind. We have a long tradition of putting comical items of clothing on our dogs. And a bandanna is essential. Our dog wears his proudly.

Here is a picture of our dog Chance wearing a wizard hat that our neighbors and fellow dogparents, Eric and Violet, brought over. He wore it for about 15 seconds, just long enough to snap this great picture.

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