The Federation for Relevance Presents Free Slogans - Limited Time Only...

I glanced over after Husband snorted while watching TV. He was watching one of those Proposition ads that have been so ubiquitous the past few months. The ad had been sponsored by the "Union of Concerned Scientists." He was laughing at this name, seemingly so important, but really meaningless. So he offered his own counter group, the "Union of Disorganized Bystanders."

So we were off, thinking of other names, and here's our list. (They're copyrights of, but you can use them in your ad if you give us credit.)

o Union of Mildly Interested Citizens

o Society for the Advancement of Questionable Causes

o Citizens for a Better Tomorrow

o Union of Adults Concerned About the Children

o The League of Readers

o Citizens for Better Ideas

o Organization for Solutions

o Coalition of Betterment

o Lawyers for Fair Litigation

o League for Transient Issues Awareness

o Citizens for Causes

o Society for the Advancement of Progress

o Association of Organizations

o Amalgamation of Coalitions of Associations and Societies for Local Outreach and Organization

I just saw a particularly nasty ad sponsored by "Citizens for Jobs and Safe Neighborhoods." Well, I guess you can't argue with that.