On Being Not So Nice

I haven't been very nice lately.  I don't know why.  

Maybe it's the stresses of modern life and our current economic downturn, or Saturn's closing, or the fact that universal healthcare seems to remain out of our collective grasp.  I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately (so post your ideas!).  Work has slowed down and there are stresses that I don't feel like sharing, but everything will be okay. I've completed a short story; not a children's story suitable for publication on StoryRhyme.com, but one for adults (no, not that kind of adult story).  After much tweaking, I'm happy with it and have now started another; my timing may not be the best right now, but I'm doing it anyway in an effort to stretch my writing talents in a different direction.  Chance the Dog still loves me.  Charlie is his wonderful self, absorbed in creating his Ghostbusters Halloween costume.  

Maybe it's a simple lack of chocolate.  I'll try to be nicer tomorrow.


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