Behind the Story: Is Grandma Okay?

Our friend Laura G. has sent us a new story, "Is Grandma Okay?" in which Corinna, off to spend the weekend with her grandparents, notices that her grandma isn't the same; she's forgetting things and has shaking spells. When I read it, I was struck by how it applied to my family at this moment in time. Last week, my mother-in-law was in the hospital for a few days. She's okay, but we, our son especially, have to deal with the fact that she's getting older. Anyone with living grandparents will relate to this story. We watch them grow older, then we watch as our parents grow older, then our children watch us as we grow older, and the cycle continues. Laura's story is about our collective human experience and the very special role that grandparents can play in a child's life.

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