Fall Forward (and the Dog's Birthday)

Last night I felt a little change in the weather, the slightest bit of cool in the air. It's fall, even though today we're in the middle of another heat wave here in sunny Southern California. School's been back in session for a few weeks and I know I'll be carrying lotion and lip balm in my purse soon. Despite what others say, we do have changes in the seasons here, they're just a bit more subtle. The leaves really do turn. I see yellows and reds and oranges. (The cacti seem to retain their desert look though.) I look forward to the search for the perfect pumpkin and think about Halloween costumes of years past.

On Sunday, sister Kathy and Charlie and I prowled around a couple of Halloween shops, Kathy and I mostly catching up amidst the blood-tinged swords, assorted gore, and fright masks. Charlie was busy trying on different masks. He's planning to be one of the Ghostbusters this year and has already made his backpack with hose attachment for sucking up ectoplasmic goo. He just needs a jumpsuit to go with it. Planning a costume is always something to get a little excited about. Kathy has a great idea for hers, but then she's the Queen of Costumes.

I'm trying to ignore the requisite football hype and football barrage from the merchandisers. (Don't we all need a chip and dip tray in the shape of a football?) Around here it's all about the Bruins and the Trojans. I wouldn't know one from the other and couldn't care less. But that's just me and I'm a football humbug.

Fall feels like the possibility that something new and exciting is about to happen. There's something in the air. Even the color of the light is a little different. It's Chance the Dog's birthday today. He's six. I'm not sure what I'll make for him. Maybe just a pb&j sandwich. It doesn't really matter. If we sing to him and give him a few rawhide chews and take him on a walk, he'll be the happiest dog in the world.

Last year, I wrote this silly little story for his 5th birthday, "Hiccup The Burping Dog's Birthday Party." I may read it to him and just change the year. I don't think he'll remember. Another sign of fall is Husband's birthday, which will be here next week and will most certainly involve a homemade chocolate pie or two. As if that weren't enough reason to celebrate, I must say, he's been making me very happy lately and has been looking particularly handsome with his cool new glasses. Very switched on.

After Halloween, the holiday madness will be just around the corner, but this year I'm going to resolve to try to enjoy the season and not worry about what needs to/should get done. There's always next year for that.

Hiccup, The Burping Dog's Birthday Party
"He had no idea that this day, today, happened to be his birthday. Today, Hiccup was turning five." Who doesn't enjoy a delightfully doggy birthday party? Read about Hiccup The Burping Dog's special day. And make plans to celebrate your own best friend's birthday. A StoryRhyme Very Short Story...

Of Halloween Costumes
Monday, October 06, 2008
Autumn's here, which means it was time to get the Halloween box down from the garage shelves. Charlie's now tall enough to do this himself (growing like a weed), and immediately started pulling out old costumes. Before I knew it, we had a space alien visiting. Charlie takes Halloween very seriously and has been known to wear his costume around the house for a week...


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