Positively Springlike

The weather has been absolutely glorious the past few days after all of the rain we've gotten. It's the kind of weather that gives one hope and a feeling of the possiblity of new things. Our backyard squirrel has even brought a little squirrel friend, and we hear the birds making their plans. We've been taking care of my mother-in-law's little dog, affectionately known around here as "The Devil Dog." She's taken it upon herself to keep our squirrel away, which is quite annoying, especially in light of the fact that Husband spent $15 on a bag of premium sunflower seeds as a special treat for our little friend. Right now she's in the house, the block is on the dog door, and the two squirrels are outside having their afternoon seeds.

I lie back in the hammock and watch Chance the dog race around with a log that he's found. The Devil Dog is racing in circles so fast, she's almost become airborne. The citrus trees are bursting and the grass in the backyard is a mile high. Husband is a little taken aback that the tomatoes he planted last summer have not only survived the winter, but actually have brought forth a few ripe tomatoes. I love spring and its perfect weather, not too hot but not cold either. Just right for kicking back and finishing that book you've been reading. I have just a few more pages of Catcher in the Rye that I decided to re-read after J.D. Salinger's passing.

Happy spring everyone! Do something spontaneous.


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