17% Cooler. More Hamsters.

In an effort to bring more joy to the world at a time when things are looking a little bleak, StoryRhyme's resident webmaster and head gargoyle (Husband) has given StoryRhyme.com a new snappy hamster layout. It's 17% cooler, with 4% improved readability, and don't forget the new (drumroll please) hamster features.

Yes, this is how we amuse ourselves late at night. Husband almost changed my avatar to that of Anne Francis wearing a very funky dress with plastic overlay and vintage Ferragamo elf shoes while standing next to Robby the Robot. Hey, what's the point of having your own website if you can't have fun?

So, enjoy our 17% cooler, 4% easier to read, hamsterfied layout. (And try not to worry about your 401(k), we're not. Oh, that's right. We don't have one.)

Oh, and don't forget to find the hidden Easter eggs on the front page.

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