Behind the Story: Down Went The Spoon is delighted to present our latest site addition, a contribution from our friend-of-many-talents, Laura G. Down Went The Spoon is a story rhyme Laura wrote when her eldest daughter was a year old. Children can be such wonderful muses, and any parent of a small child can identify with this one. Down Went The Spoon is an imaginative look at childhood from the perspective of a little one who's growing and discovering that gravity is often working against her. (Oh, and the little one who inspired this story will be beginning college in the fall. We wish her well. My, how time flies!) Thank you, Laura.

Read our newest addition “Down Went The Spoon” by Laura G. and read her adventures on what we call life over at

Here’s a little taste...

Down went the spoon
with a great, big boom!
the pancake batter.

Down went the cup
(certainly not up)
and out spilled the water
to make a new brook...


Oh, and be sure to check out Laura’s other stories in’s “The Stories” section.


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