A Somewhat Strange Dialogue Between the Body and the Breasts


…for Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

Body: You know, you’re very complicated things, and I’m not sure I really “get” you at all. You’re this vast network of ductal systems and nerves. Mostly fat...

Breasts: Hey, watch it, buddy. And complicated? We produce food, man. Food. For living, breathing human things. Of course we’re complicated. Geez.

Body: I know, but women are confused by you. Men have this strange fascination; they revere you but also fear you. You seem problematic, to tell you the truth.

Breasts: It’s not our fault, man. We can’t help that we’ve become this bizarre object of fantasy and desire. That wasn’t our intended purpose.

Body: And you seem so prone to failure.

Breasts: Well, you need to give us a break. What’s with all the chocolate? You know it makes us all cysty. And don’t get me started on the caffeine. You’re supposed to be eating more broccoli and sipping green tea.

Body: Why do I get the feeling that I’m living in a commune all of a sudden? And you can’t be serious about giving up my morning latte, now, can you? Let’s be real here. Plus, you know we have no control over what goes in the mouth. You’re going to need to address that complaint to the Brain.


Breasts: And another thing: What is it with all of these underwire bras? They’re terrible for our circulation and overall breast health. Why are women slaves to fashion like that?

Body: Well, you have to admit, the underwires do make you look perky.

Breasts: True. That is true. But can we ration them to our once-a-month date night, then?

Body: We’ll see. I’m making no promises.

Breasts: Also, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about those five-inch heels…

Body: Oh, I know, I know. My back has been killing me lately. Hey, as long as we’re sharing and complaining, I have been hearing comments lately about your density—

Breasts: Oh, come on! I’m no denser than most members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Body: I don’t mean that kind of density, I mean it’s hard to really get a handle on you. You’re very fibrous.

Breasts: Why, thank you!

Body: That wasn’t a compliment. Younger women complain that they can’t really tell what’s going on with you, and technicians just see a bunch of black on the mammography films which frustrates them.

Breasts: That is why we need to be felt regularly. Every month. If women really got to know us, they’d see how we change with the cycles. Mostly our lumps are due to hormonal changes. They come and go. Sometimes they’re not, though.


Body: It could be fun getting a partner involved. I mean, purely for scientific purposes, of course.

Breasts: Research—Exactly! Get to know us better. You’ll be glad that you did.

Sincerely, your breasts and body

Ladies (and Gents) the preceding conversation was brought to you by your body and breasts. Know them; feel them monthly. If anything weird shows up, see a doctor! Your breasts and your body thank you.

Disclaimer: No breasts have been harmed in the writing of this dialogue.

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