Behind the Story: Eli The Flying Dog

[I promise I won't write any more dog stories... At least for a while.]

This story pays homage to our late great dog Eli, who was an exceptional dog. He spoke French and Italian, paid a wicked game of blackjack, and, like Husband, appreciated a fine scotch. Okay, that's not true, but he was very smart. We'd have to spell out words around him, and he'd play hide-and-go-seek with us throughout the house, always finding us. While he didn't exactly fly, he would hurtle himself through the air after a ball or frisbee, often ending up deep in the bushes, only to emerge triumphant with that ball or frisbee in his mouth.

At the time, I thought of writing a children's story called "Eli The Flying Dog," but I was working all the time and just never got around to it. So here's my tribute to our old friend (who really could fly, really, he could).

Read the Original Story “Eli the Flying Dog.”


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