Why StoryRhyme and why this blog?

Why StoryRhyme and why this blog? My little family and I, we believe in reading. We believe that a child's imagination can take them anywhere they want to go, and while you may not have the physical means to travel the world, you can get there through books. Free, courtesy of your library card. StoryRhyme, with its original stories and classics you may not have heard of, provides a resource for parents, along with our recommendations for different books, movies, web sites, etc., that we really like. An example of an absolutely wonderful resource that my husband came across when our son was young is Kidsurplus which sells children's clothing, supplies and shoes at great prices. When our son was about four, we ordered several pairs of red hightops, brand new, $5 a pair! We kept him in hightops for about three years. Not brand-name, of course, but who cares? He outgrew them before they really showed much wear (and little kids do look great in red hightops).

Another reason behind StoryRhyme is to really promote reading time between parents/caregivers and their children. When our son was in the fourth grade, his reading lexile score was that of a college freshman. Now in the fifth grade, he's even higher. I don't say this to brag (well, maybe a little), but when I thought about why his scores were so high (he goes to an average public school), aside from the daily reading program at school, the one really important factor I could come up with is nightly reading at home. Since he was a toddler, we've read to him at night. And now, although he's perfectly capable of reading by himself, I still read with him at night. Together we've shared all of the "Chronicles of Narnia" books, "The Hobbit," "The Wind in the Willows," and on and on. There's got to be a connection. He now loves to read, and that will serve him very well in life.

One of the purposes for this blog is to put a human face on the people behind StoryRhyme. StoryRhyme is not a faceless corporation, but people (like me and Husband whose pen name is William Stevens - a play on his name) who want to do something positive in the world. Now, enjoy it and start reading, 'ya hear!

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