Summer's Resolutions

Three more days left of school, and short ones at that. Another school year comes to a close and our boy is marching towards his last year of middle school, which seems very hard to believe (since I could swear he just started school a couple years ago). Where did the time go? How did we get here?

Charlie (right) parries at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire fencing school.

Luckily, as evidenced by the picture of a homemade sock puppet on the front page, there are still glimpses of the little boy. He's not grown up yet, although he's getting closer and closer to speaking to me at my eye level, and his feet have surpassed mine in size.

For all of these reasons, I resolve that we will enjoy the heck out of this summer. We WILL celebrate our inner child in as many ways as we can. If that means finger painting in the backyard, then so be it. Water fights? Absolutely. This summer should just be about fun. So here are a few summer resolutions, things which we will strive for:

1. Go to the Mission Tiki Drive-In. Bring plenty of candy bars and potato chips.

2. Visit Pirate's Cove.

3. Make s'mores.

4. Spend the night on top of Charlie's fort (or see how long we can last).

5. Hike our local nature park.

6. Enjoy the cool summer evenings and eat dinner outside at least once a week.

7. Have drinks with umbrellas.

8. See our friends at the Natural History Museum.

9. Travel somewhere by boat (and not get seasick).

10. Catch and release at least one fish.

11. Spend less time at the computer.

12. Sing loudly (we already do that around here, but still, one can never have too much singing).

Happy almost summer!


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