Getting Happy

Last night was a perfect summer evening for a concert in the park. In our house, The Happy Crowd concerts have been a tradition for the past seven years. Last night's Claremont show was entertaining as always. I've been humming their birthday song all morning (and it's not even my birthday).

Hai, Professor Smartie Martie, and Kenny were in fine form, performing their hits "Happy Socks," "Say Something Nice About Someone," "Pop," and other swingin' tunes. There were too many happy faces in the crowd to count. The little tyke sitting in front of us performed gravity-defying mid-air somersaults. He did not have a trampoline, but was propelled by sheer youthful exuberance. (Apparently he was very happy.) It was, um, "fun" to see how close he could get to us without crashing into us.

Hai had some great new hats (at least new to us) as part of his repertoire. One very pink flamingo and a red hot chili pepper. (You really have to be there.)

It was a very happy (and large) crowd.

We sang, we clapped. We got sandwich all over ourselves. A grand time was had by all.