Looking “Up”

Yesterday we saw the movie "Up." Oh, how I loved this movie. I laughed out loud, I cried (three times), and reflected on my own relationship with Husband. This was a lovely movie to watch on the eve of our anniversary. We went to the movie theater in the next town, the one with the cool space motif. When Charlie was little, he loved looking up at all the stars, planets and meteors hanging from the ceiling. He still does.

Pixar took its time setting up the story. It's so nice that they trust children to have attention spans and don't feel the need to throw images at them along with an obnoxious soundtrack. The first 20 minutes or so had very little dialogue but showed the married life of the main character Carl and his adventurous wife Ellie. We see the couple starting off as newlyweds and watched them age before our eyes. I thought of my own marriage and growing old with Husband. The central characters are refreshingly different -- an aging man with a walking cane and a chubby little boy. No princesses, no beautiful people. Just an old man and a young boy doing extraordinary things. Then there are the dogs. The dogs in this movie were so delightful, and the character Dug made me think of our own dog Chance and what he would say if he had the ability to speak. (And I don't think Chance would ever stop talking.) I wouldn't call "Up" a kids' movie, at least by comparison to traditional kids' movie fare. For me, it proved to be thought-provoking. Don't put off your adventure; live it. Or, your adventure is what you make it to be.

The countdown to the end of the school year has begun. 14 more days to go, then hopefully an adventure or two this summer.


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