My Ode to Thrift Stores

This post was inspired by a visit to our friend Tikimama's blog, This is the blog I'd be doing if I didn't have my StoryRhyme blog. It's fun with lots of pictures of cool stuff.

Anyway, my little family is finding that we're actually fashionable these days what with all of our thrift store shopping. We're not new to this game at all. Years ago when I met Husband, he was buying $600 Harris Tweed sportcoats for five bucks at his preferred local Salvation Army. More often than not, I'll look at myself and realize that my whole ensemble is from a thrift store (except the shoes. Not lucky there). The most compliments I've ever gotten for anything was for my tan purse/backpack. (Looked expensive; cost four bucks).

We used to go to the Nirvana of thrift stores, BargainTown (may it rest in peace). Now we go to Goodwill, which is not as exceptional, but it's clean and the staff is friendly. (An upside to thrift store shopping -- the clerks don't look their noses down at you.)

Today I went to Goodwill looking for some khaki pants (because one can never have too many khakis. I mean, they go with everything). After looking through about 300 pairs of pants in varying shades of beige (but who's counting?), I found two -- one for work, one for play. Also found a sportcoat for work. Listened to Nick Lowe, Green Day, U2, and Lenny Kravitz. Walked out with my new finds for 18 bucks.

Patience is a virtue when it comes to thrift store shopping, and as the Stones say, "You can't always get what you want." I have to say, though, we've been pretty lucky. We have great memories of great finds at the now-defunct BargainTown, including a two-foot tall authentic (made in Japan) Godzilla action figure Charlie picked up for our neighbor Eric's birthday. You can't swing a bat without hitting a Beanie Baby, new with tags, for a quarter. So many great toys over the years. (He still has his pirate ship, and the cool War of the Worlds alien thingy.)

In our disposable society, thrift store shopping is recycling in the purest sense of the word. Don't forget to take a bag of discards with you so you can keep the whole thing going. (And someone will just love your old muumuu, don't worry).

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