Anniversary and Cosmos

Sunday was my wedding anniversary and what could be better than taking in an actual grown-up movie?

Husband is secure enough with his masculinity (he's very manly) to take me to the ultimate chick movie. You know, the one with the quartet of best friends -- empowered, successful women -- fighting for survival in the jungles of Manhattan. (Well, those shoe sales can be brutal, can't they?)

These are such serious times we're living in. Our country is on the brink of deciding whether to strike out in a brave new direction or keep with more of the same old. I read the paper every day and watch the news and shake my head. So what could be better than a couple hours in a dark theater laughing and enjoying the gals?

We're not so different, Carrie and I. Well, except for the expensive apartment, closet the size of my living room, $500 shoes, and $300 throw pillows. Oh, and my dog is bigger than all of the dogs in the movie put together. But other than that...

Samantha had all the best lines and talked of "coloring" and, um, much-needed bikini waxes; Charlotte, still wide eyed; Miranda still Miranda; and Carrie still playing dress-up.

While we were enjoying our quality time together on our date, Charlie went off to a place that really defies description. Some friends of ours took him to the Museum of Jurassic Technology, an assortment of ephemera and, well, weird stuff. A great time was had by all. Think of an egalitarian museum and you might be on the right track. The slogan on his t-shirt reads "No one may ever have the same knowledge again." Intrigued? This phrase comes from a letter written to the Mt. Wilson Observatory by a woman with important (and, well, weird) information she wanted to pass on lest it be forgotten. The letter and many others can be found in their "Letters to Mount Wilson Observatory" collection.

So the girls still just wanna have fun, but they also want what we all want: Someone to love and make a meaningful connection with. So glad I have. (Awww.)