Looking Backward, Looking Forward

It is customary to do a year in review. First off, I will not enumerate the reasons why 2011 sucked. There's no need. And I really don't find it necessary to access the painful emotions brought about by the sorrows of the year. Not going to go there. This is my reflection, though, on some of the good things that happened in 2011 and my very recent -- as of December 29th, so it got in just under the wire -- good news.

Christina's World by Andrew Wyeth

Good things. Let's see. Two babies were born into the family. Both adorable, infinitely holdable and huggable. At least one of them is quite fond of food, doggies, and mouse ears. The other smells like honey and rainbows and learned to smile early. (She's clever that one. Well, he is too.)

Another good thing. Our boy adapted remarkably well to his first year of high school and even likes his school. (He knows it will be good for his future self. Such a pragmatic boy. So different from me at that age. High school: not one of my favorites. Not plus infinity.)

Glad news of the continued good health of family and loved ones cannot be understated. The love that we share with our various peeps living close and scattered across the globe is another good thing to add to the list.

Also, Husband has put up with me over the last year as I've completed two novels and rough drafts of two more. (I'm prolific, man! What can I say? Okay, I'm not Harry Buschman prolific.) Husband patiently excuses me as I drift off into a writer's daydream, arranging plot lines and playing with a certain sentence as he's explaining how to use Dropbox for the fiftieth time in a row. (He should know by now that I am nearly unteachable, shouldn't he?)

And now for the really good news: I've been offered (and have accepted) my first book contract for my young adult novel Normalish which is set to be released in ebook format through Musa Publishing's young adult imprint Euterpe in October of 2012. (Sqeee!) Anyone who has an iPad, iPod, Kindle, Nook, Blackberry, handheld device -- you name it -- can purchase a copy. (This means you.)

So I'm dusting off my blog, and it will be getting a bit of a facelift. Grace Kelly's picture will be replaced. (That's not my picture, silly!) And I'll be trying to post more often with the usual random stuff, but also news about my publishing experiences and the writing life. (Yawns.)

I wish you and yours good health, good times, warmth and love. All the very best in 2012. May it be a wonderful year for us all!


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