Thoughts on Wildfires

Southern California has been burning the last two days. There are fires all around us, the air is thick and as I look outside, the sky has cast an ominous orange glow over the backyard. Yesterday there was a strong fire smell in the air. Today, it's hot and dry. Ashes from what used to be homes, furniture, picture frames, cover our cars. It's fire season once again, and this time it's pretty bad. We live in the flatlands, an undesireable area as far as wildfires are concerned. Year after year, the beautiful homes are sought after; those with the spectacular hillside views. We watch the news as magnificent mansions go up like doll houses. It's a strange feeling to go about one's business, doing the Saturday shopping, while people are rounding up their pets and valuables, evacuating their homes. In a few days, we'll wash those homes off of our cars, hose them from our patio furniture...

My thoughts go out to those who have lost everything; I especially feel for the residents of the mobile home park in Sylmar that have been displaced, knowing that they will probably feel the pinch even more than those with more means. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it seems especially sad. I hope this season passes soon.