Frivolous Facts: TASER

The other day I came across a fun fact, so I've been inspired to come up with a new feature for my blog.  This is the first in an occasional series .

Does anyone out there know what the acronym TASER stands for?  For that matter, did you even know that TASER is an acronym?

The inventor of the TASER, Jack Cover, a NASA researcher and inventor, was a big fan of the Tom Swift book series.  Never heard of Tom Swift?  Neither had I (and we found out, that being, we really should have).  Tom is the young protagonist in a series of young adult adventure novellas dating from 1910 to 1941. Tom is an "intrepid inventor and mechanic," and one of his inventions is the electric rifle.  As a boy, Jack was quite taken with Tom Swift and his inventions and thought it would be a great idea to invent his own electric rifle that would disable a person without being lethal, thus the TASER was born.

Oh, and what does TASER stand for?  Tom A. Swift's Electric Rifle.  How cool is that?

Download the 1911 adventure novellla "Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle." No. 10 in the Tom Swift adventure series. Err, not necessarily recommended by and remember, it was written in 1911. Here’s a quote: “While Tom Swift is thus absorbed in thinking about a chance to hunt elephants...”


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